The Tou’Caan Brothers

The Tou’Caan short story follows the Brothers Tou’Caan of the Chittan race as they battle their way to safety.  No. 1 in the short story series that accompanies the Love Island Saga.


The Tou’Caan Brothers.

A Chittan Short Story.


It was rare for a Chittan Couple to have more than two children, and they were often spread apart by as much as an earth century or three. The Tou’Caan family how-ever had triplets. This was a big surprise to Mar’Mythrin Tou’Caan who, in the tradition of many mothers had chosen not to have scans during her pregnancy. Chittan medical technology was at such a high standard that a few pills could guarantee the health and well-being of an unborn infant and its mother throughout the whole two year gestation period. Of course she had been large for a pregnant Chittan who had the annoying ability, in some races opinion, of keeping an almost perfect figure until just a month or two before birth.

Just a few days after receiving the information that her soul mate had passed away in a surprise attack on a Chittan outpost by the Choran fleet, she had gone into early labour. Why neither she or her doctors had ever been sure, Chittan gestation rarely deviated from the twenty four month period. Chittans did not mourn death in the same way other races did, after all, the majority not only knew that the afterlife existed but some even had the ability for basic communication with those that had passed on to the next adventure. But there in the maternity ward of the local apothecary centre she had given birth nearly four months early, and the children hadn’t stopped coming. By the time the third had been delivered the maternity room was full of doctors and nurses all watching with interest.

This would have been a grave invasion of her privacy had she been an Earthling, or perhaps one of the other myriad races the Chittans knew of, but for her race it wasn’t too bad.

By the end of the relatively short ninety six hour labour and birthing process she was exhausted, but she held, rather haphazardly three beautiful Chittan children.

They remained beautiful throughout their whole infancy of thirty or so years and were bright intelligent young men by the time they were in their fifties. They had been little nightmares on times for Mar’Mythrin Tou’Caan but they were, on the whole, good children who cared for their mother and always helped her work on her science projects. The whole community of two thousand or so engineers, cleaners, medics and scientists knew the brothers, and had either helped in their schooling or had been helped by the trio in one job or another.

Mar’Mythrin was a space flight engineer who loved to build her own ships in her spare time and she never found herself short of a hand when it was required. They were happy go lucky children, known to everyone at the Epsilon Beta outpost as incorrigible but kind hearted.

Epsilon Beta was a species watching outpost monitoring the Human world Earth. It had been a turbulent few centuries for the species and they had very nearly wiped themselves out several times, most notably with in an accident involving a hadron collider. Several Chittan experts who read of the event had surmised that poor materials and technological capability had led to the disaster. At least twenty five percent of the planets higher lifeforms had survived and the Epsilon Beta outpost was there to make sure they continued to do so, without too much interference or any at all if possible. A few Chittan ships had been sent with magick users to stabilise the planets crust shortly after the incident but since well before the birth of the Tou’Caan brothers no Chittan had been that close.

The Tou’Caan brothers had been a little upset about that, they had spent much of their early years watching television signals from the planet and had grown rather fond of it. Indeed, the exposure to the signals helped them to learn the most common human language. It was an aim to visit Earth and absorb themselves in the planets rich culture. Such shows had even given the three brothers their motto, Tou’Caan, But Three‘Caan better.

By the time the brothers were two hundred and fifty they had passed every exam they came across between them, they helped each other study and whilst one always took the lead on a course, the other two would be almost as proficient in the subject.

Bar’Yl Tou’Caan was an expert pilot and engineer, Var’Nach had medical skills rivalled only by those at Chittan high commands military apothecary and Tic’Flur the shortest had not come across a weapon in the Chittan arsenal that he couldn’t wield as expertly as any in the Chittan special forces. Yet never once had they left the Epsilon Beta outpost and their mother whom all three loved dearly.



Apart from plant life, flowers, small trees and grasses brought along by the Chittans themselves there was little by the way of other life inside or outside of the Epsilon Beta outpost. It meant that flowers had to be pollinated by hand or using magicks, but it was a pleasant task and generally the community used it as an excuse to have a feast and drink. There were some ground based bacteria and basic early stage life forms on the planet surface proper but the oxygen rich environment inside the massive orgone powered shield encouraged those species to stay well beneath the surface.

This fine peaceful morning, with nothing apart from the sounds of the occasional shuttle arriving from another Chittan outpost or planet, was broken only by the jovial merriment of the brothers at work in one of the large complexes hangar bays. The hangar bays were used for a plethora of different things ranging from research to storing cargo crates and even, rarely, the ships they were designed to house.

As the start of any other day went for the Tou’Caans this was a pleasant one, the shield dome that covered the Epsilon Beta outpost and protected it from the harsh plains outside shone radiant in the morning sun. The purple and green grasses that had been carefully tended between the scientific research buildings, the hangar bays and the habitat housings were lushly bathed in the light and smelled as sweetly as Chitta prime, according to Mar’Mythrin at least. The Tou’Caan brothers were helping their mother by putting the finishing touches to the latest fighter shuttle class ship whilst she was busy.

“Give me a hand to lift this.” Bar’Yl said to his brothers.

“Do you need us both?” Tic’Flur asked wandering over and getting a firm grip on the thick metal armour plating sheet with a broad smile on his blue tinged face.

“Tou’Caan do it.” Bar’Yl said returning the broad smile as the third brother Var’Nach wandered over and found a handhold on the plating.

“Three’Caan better.” Var’Nach said as the three broke out into chuckles and lifted the plating. “Do you think she’s ready to start up?” He asked as they finished bolting the plate into position.

“She was yesterday. Mother just wanted us to finish fixing the ablative plating on before we did.” Bar’Yl replied.

“We should wait for mum, where is she anyway?” Tic’Flur asked as he wandered and sat on a nearby supply crate.

“She’s in the realms with Elder Maylark and some of the others.” Var’Nach said before continuing, “She left just before you two got your lazy asses out of bed this morning.” Truth be told both Var’Nach and their mother had been up a few hours earlier than was necessary for those doing the Chittan equivalent of a nine to five job, Mar’Mythrin because she had a meeting and Var’Nach to read or watch the News. Var’Nach watched the news more diligently than his other two brothers, but all were aware that war was coming. The Chorans had been growing in strength for the last few years and pushing back the Chittan outposts. In itself it wasn’t unusual and often the Chittans would just pull back and advance again when the Chorans got bored and abandoned the Chittan positions. It had been that way for thousands of years, neither side having the strength to fully engage the other in all-out war. Something was different this time though and Var’Nach knew it. He had set himself determined to be prepared.

He was brought from his thoughts by his brothers talking about how they would like to be allowed into the meetings in the realms with the group of Earthlings. They had just managed to form a planetary wide peace accord with their fellow humans. As far as the brothers could tell, the race of the Human species that had forged the peace agreement with the others was a small but determined populace with members from all over the planet. Some obviously had advanced spiritually enough to discover the realm of light which had led to their initial meetings with the Chittans. After lengthy negotiations the Chittans had determined them worthy enough of a gift of knowledge and technology. Their mother Mar’Mythrin had been given the task of explaining some of the engineering complexities to a human she had called Joeboy. The transfer of knowledge had been happening for a couple of years and the Humans were already well into the test phase of some of the advanced building projects.

“We will all go there one day.” Tic’Flur concluded as he rose from his perch and wandered over to the lunch box their mother had prepared for them.

The only thing the three brothers would drop everything for was one of their mother’s sandwiches. They had been working for a long time and it wasn’t long before Tic’Flur was joined eagerly by his brothers as they looked over their completed ship.

The small vessel had a sleek silvery finish and was wider than it was long. The brothers had given it its basic design so was naturally made for three people comfortably with a small living space for longer expeditions. It was a bit bulky looking to be a fighter craft but looks can be deceiving. It was powered by four super charged orgone engines instead of the standard two used by most of the shuttles in the Chittan armada which gave it unparalleled manoeuvrability and shielding power. Its defensive systems also gained from the extra power generation, it boasted two forward facing beam emitters and two forward facing micro missile banks. The space vessel also had a small armoured pod at the rear that housed a beam cannon. It could be controlled from the cockpit or from the pod itself via a small chair and computer console. It was a beautiful craft that had already received great interest from the Chittan High Command.

The three young men were distracted from their noontime snack by the sound of their mother’s sturdy boots entering the hangar bay in which they were working.

“Is it finished?” She demanded, in a tone unlike that of her usual.

“Yes, what’s wrong?” Bar’Yl and Var’Nach asked simultaneously.

“The Humans dropped out of their meditation suddenly at the same time four Choran Cruisers and as many frigates just dropped out of warped space in the space above us. We only have one ship up there. It’s not enough.” Mar’Mythrin replied hurriedly as she headed towards the ships entrance ladder.

Tic’Flur stood in her way. “We made this for us, not you, if anyone is going to help defend the station we will do it.”

Mar’Mythrin stopped. “You’re my boys, I can’t ask you to do that. Stand aside son, let me pass.”

“You ain’t asking us Mum, we’re going.” Bar’Yl said as he and Var’Nach used Tic’s distraction to walk behind him and climb the ladder.

Tic’Flur gave his mother a hug and then turned and climbed the ladder himself. “You’re very good mum, but do you know what’s better than one Chittan?”

Mar’Mythrin heard the other two shouting back as Tic’Flur closed the hatch. “Two Chittans Mum, but what Tou’Caan, Three’Caan better Mum!”



Mar’Mythrin would have likely waved them off had she had time to do so. But four super charged orgone generators spun up to full power and shot the ship out of the hangar bay and into the air below the shield dome.

“Faster than expected?” Tic’Flur said to Bar’Yl as he managed to struggle against the inertia to his seat.

“No, just didn’t have time to activate all of the grav control systems.” Bar’Yl replied with a laugh. It had of course been intentional, if the brothers liked anything above all other things it was teasing each other and playing pranks.

The three brothers laughed as Var’Nach headed to the rear weapons pod. “Epsilon Control this is unregistered defence ship call sign Tou’Caan requesting permission for emergency shield passage.” Tic’Flur said through the comms system and his laughing.

“U.D.S. Tou’Caan, this is Epsilon control, head to section five six nine, permission granted, good luck boys.”

Bar’Yl didn’t hesitate, within mere moments the prototype ship was heading through the allotted shield section and banking sharply towards space.

The Tou’Caan brothers didn’t need to voice feelings and ideas to have a common goal. Since learning of their father’s death they had hoped one day to be in a position to be able to save an outpost, this was their opportunity and there was not a force they knew of in the galaxy able to stop them.

Within two minutes Chittan Vessel, call sign Tou’Caan was flanking the momentarily ironically named C.H.C.S (Chittan High Command ship) Calm as it emptied its weapon banks in a mass flurry on a Choran frigate. The Frigate was destroyed almost instantly, its mass spread in all directions, parts of it slamming against the shields of other ships. Bar’Yl made several sharp manoeuvres to avoid debris and pulled their ship alongside the Chittan cruisers bridge.

“C.H.C.S. Calm, this is the U.D.S. Tou’Caan. Prepare for tac sync.” Tic’Flur said into the comm system.

“U.D.S. Tou’Caan, Tac sync initiated.” The comms system blurted back from the Cruiser C.H.C.S. Calm.

The Tac Sync was one of the many things that gave Chittans an edge over their Choran enemies. It allowed ship A.I.s to communicate with each other and change the targets of missiles and perform emergency manoeuvres if another Chittan ship got too close or registered something on its sensors that other ships had missed. It also relayed command orders between ships in fleet situations.

This wasn’t a fleet situation and as the Calm once again poured fire on the incoming Choran vessels, the brothers became acutely aware that the Cruiser and five or six smaller vessels that surrounded it didn’t stand much of a chance against the onslaught.

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s kick some Choran rear end!” Var’Nach shouted from the back.

He didn’t need to, Tic’Flur was already spinning the weapons systems to full power, the moment the sync was completed Bar’Yl propelled the ship forwards towards an incoming Choran frigate. “Look alive brothers!” He shouted, more for the feel of a shout than to be heard over anything else.

Tic’Flur fired a barrage of micro missiles and beam cannon shots at the rapidly approaching ship, targeting the bridge section of the red vessel. It had the desired effect; the bridges ablative armour gave way and the top two decks of the ship exploded into a fiery display of reds and oranges. The remains of the frigate careered towards the planet’s surface its unprotected elements burning up in the atmospheric re-entry.

Bar’Yl turned the vessel around for another assault only to find they were being flanked by two Choran cruisers. “Choran fighter shuttles coming from the rear!” Var’Nach hollered down the intercom.

“Focus fire on the left hand cruiser Tic.” Bar’Yl said calmly.

“Confirmed Brother. We’re also getting orders from the Calm to hold out as long as we can. The Surface is being evacuated. Mother is already safe aboard the Calm.” Tic’Flur replied as he smoothly ran his long fingers over the touch screen panel.

Bar’Yl flipped the ship over and followed the rugged surface of the underside of the Choran cruiser, flying at times just inches away from its surface. Tic’Flur fired micro missiles and beam shots continuously listening as Var’Nach chortled merrily down the intercom, amused by the Choran fighter’s ability to damage the Cruiser but not hit the Tou’Caans ship. The merry sentiment was short lived how-ever. Bar’Yl completed his manoeuvre flipping the ship back to its original level on the other side of the Choran vessel. He saw first the two remaining Choran frigates and a Choran cruiser ramming into the C.H.C.S. Calm. It was a nasty tactic, not often used by the Chorans unless they thought they were on the road to defeat. The two frigates exploded within a short distance and on either side of the Chittan Cruiser class ship disabling its shielding system. The Choran cruiser used the sacrifice of its compatriots and emptied all of its forward facing weapons into the Chittan ship.

Bar’Yl hoped for a split second that the Chittans advanced ablative armour would protect the vessel, but he knew even as the armour failed that it could not do so against such a precise close ranged barrage. The Chittan Cruiser exploded sending a vast shockwave through the area, Bar’Yls reflexes were the only thing that saved the brothers from being swallowed by the explosion themselves. The Choran vessels didn’t fare so well, the Cruiser that had fired so close to the Chittan ship was destroyed instantaneously, the other two larger ships took severe damage. The small armada of Chittan and Choran small scale fighter craft were destroyed apart from those few Chittan ships quick enough to outmanoeuvre the blast wave.

Even with the heavy damage the remaining two Choran Cruisers had taken they were not out of the fight. They continued to deploy fighter craft to deal with the remaining smaller and harder to target Chittan vessels. The Cruisers themselves set their weapons on the shielding system of Outpost Epsilon Beta.

Three brothers roared as the blast wave subsided. Before they had one purpose, now was no different, though now that purpose was strengthened by the grief they held in their hearts at the passing of their mother. Bar’Yl flew again towards the Choran Cruiser they had just attacked, this time pulling their ship up to a full stop, just meters away from a large gash in the side of the ship’s hull.

“Tic fire!” he yelled adding a boom to his voice.

Tic’Flur didn’t need the command he was already pouring weapons fire into the hole in the enemy ships armour. The Choran Cruiser blew in two, the shock wave of it doing so pressing against the Tou’Caans ships shields, forcing it spinning further into space.

Bar’Yl corrected the ships trajectory, aiming for the space between the two halves of the most recently destroyed Cruiser to the last remaining Choran vessel. They were followed by the Chittan fighter piolets that had escaped the dangers thus far and the group wasted no time in attacking. Most of the Chittan fighter ships had the insignia of the Calm. The brothers knew that they would have likely had family aboard the vessel, just as they had, and would be equally eager to exact vengeance on the Chorans. They wasted no time, within a few minutes the battle was over. The last Choran Cruiser was bombarded for much longer than was required to destroy the vessel. Those shuttles that did realise the ship was beyond any reasonable capacity to fire its weapons or move swung their ships around and chased off the few remaining Choran fighter craft.

The Tou’Caans stopped firing and Bar’Yl let their ship come to rest in the field of debris that now littered the space above the Epsilon Beta Outpost. Each of the young Chittan men bowed their heads in the traditional sign of mourning after the passing a loved one.

Var’Nach soon after began to sing, nothing special to anyone other than the brothers, just a nursery rhyme their mother had sung to them when they were young. Tic’Flur started the song from the beginning when Var’Nach started the second verse. Bar’Yl started when Tic’Flur started the second verse. For a good half an hour the three brothers sang the song as a round until their voices were horse and their eyes unable to shed more tears.



Epsilon Beta was decimated. At some point during the attack the shield dome had failed, a few lucky shots by the Chorans had sealed the fate of the research station. Only a hundred and fifty three Chittans survived the onslaught including those fighting in the space battle above the research station. To the three brothers it didn’t matter that the Chorans had suffered much greater losses. They had lost their mother, for days as the motley group of shuttles and Chittan fighter vehicles navigated towards the nearest Chittan outpost, Delta Gamma, the young men sat in mourning allowing their ship to do the flying.

It was the morning, according to Chittan Standard Time, of the third day since the battle before any of the three raised their heads from their meditation. None of the brothers even at their current age were at all magically capable by Chittan standards. They could meditate in the realm of light and create the most basic of effects, but it was not a thing they ever really concentrated on, but at times when they wanted clarity or each other’s company with no interference, they meditated.

This time it had been for nearly three days, the longest any of them had meditated together. They had shared the majority of their time in the realms together in near silence, broken only by the occasional story from one or the other about a time they had been with their mother that caused them to laugh, or gave them other fond memories.

Shortly before they broke their meditation, the brothers had agreed to work hard in whatever capacity they could to bring down the Choran Empire. Now they woke with fresh purpose, a steely determination. They were going to escort the ships they were with to safety, and then they were going to take their ship to Chitta Prime and join the fleet. They weren’t naïve, they knew any attempt to wage war with the Chorans without a fleets backup was futile.

It was going to take them several weeks to get to Delta Gamma at these speeds, but they could only travel at the speed of their slowest ship. Chittans didn’t leave people behind just because they were slow.

Bar’Yl walked along the short passageway and into the bridge of the ship, his brothers, single file behind him in the thin corridor. Nothing had changed over the previous three days, their speed had remained constant, there were no out of the ordinary messages between the vessels of the small armada, nor happily any deaths among those survivors that had been heavily injured.



The small fleet of ships had been travelling for seventeen days and had finally come out of warped space in the Delta Gamma system as close to the planet as they had dared. It proved a mistake; they almost flew right into two Choran frigates.

Alarms went off all over the Tou’Caans ship, they weren’t required the three brothers were alert and already reacting to the situation. The young men had advised against radio silence and had an uneasy feeling when the Chittan in charge of the small group of ships had insisted that they obey the command and turn off their long range transponders. The man was obviously paranoid about being tracked by Choran ships, but his paranoia had flown them almost slap bang into two of them.

Bar’Yl was pulling their ship up as Tic’Flur fired micro missiles and beam shots like crazy. Var’Nach held the rear guard, shooting at Choran Fighter vessels as they tried to attack the Tou’Caan Brothers. He didn’t have time to go to the rear pod so controlled its capabilities from the bridge control console. It wasn’t as responsive in his view and he had to rely on sensor readings instead of his own eyes, but it was still none the less a potent weapon and in short order he destroyed several incoming targets.

The other surviving ships from Epsilon Beta had been surprised by the sudden jump into Choran ships, but the better of the captain’s among them were almost as swift to react as the Tou’Caan brothers were and fired on the same frigate. It began to explode into a million fiery shards just as the Tou’Caans passed over the top of the vessel, rocking their ship as the blast wave hit their shields and thrust them forwards.

“Tic’Flur, we should be within range of the Delta outpost’s short range comms system, give them a try.” Bar’Yl said.

Tic’Flur nodded his agreement, not that Bar’Yl saw it, and opened a comm channel. “Delta Gamma, Delta Gamma, respond.”

Nothing, “Delta Gamma, Delta Gamma, please respond.” He repeated.

Nothing again for a short moment, then there was a crackle and a voice. “Go for Delta Gamma.” Came a voice that crackled through the interference, and quite possibly damage to their comms array.

“Delta Gamma, this is the Unregistered Defence Ship Tou’Caan from Epsilon Beta, we’ve taken care of one frigate. We will try and take out the second. Can you give us a sit rep?” Tic said slowly just in case the signal on their side was equally degraded.

“U.D.S. Tou’Caan, I take it you don’t have a clearance code then?” The voice responded through the fuzz.

“No Delta Control, we don’t have a clearance code, but I’m sure your sensors are picking up our resume?” Tic’Flur replied tautly.

“Sorry, U.D.S. Tou’Caan, we know it must be hard. The carnage at Epsilon Beta reached fleet servers at the end of last week your ship was in the report. Since the day your outpost was attacked the Chorans have been running a major campaign against Chittan assets. More than half of the Chittan fleet has been destroyed. Captain Tarc’On of the forty seventh squadron is now deputy commander of the remainder of the fleet, Councillor Maylark is the new Fleet Commander. Tarc’On is on his way here now in a new cruiser, but he’s still an hour out. We’re holding up ok down here, there are Choran boots on the Ground, but they’re unable to penetrate our shield network.” The voice on the other end of the wireless signal said.

“We will be on the ground with you soon. U.D.S. Tou’Caan out.” Tic’Flur said before ending the transmission. He had been firing dutifully during the whole conversation as Bar’Yl dove in and out from the remaining frigate and Var’Nach did all he could to keep the Choran fighter craft from their tail.

Luckily the power of the Tou’Caans ship had drawn the Choran fighter craft to them like a Chittan Moon Moth to an L.E.D. lighting strip. This meant that the other small shuttles and transport ships that had accompanied them from Epsilon Beta, some of which were unarmed, were left pretty much alone. The few shuttles that had strayed closer to the main group had been destroyed swiftly by the fighter craft from the C.H.C.S. Calm.

This left two of the better armed combat shuttles from the C.H.C.S. Calm and the Tou’Caans to destroy the remaining Choran Frigate, a task almost completed.

“Didn’t sound much to be a friendly lot down there.” Var’Nach said over the quiet hub of buttons beeping and combat close alarms.

“I’m not too sure we got through to anyone with any particular authority,” Bar’Yl replied to the general agreement of the other two.

“Well let’s go down and check it out.” Tic’Flur said as the last fragments from the second frigates hull passed them.

“Epsilon Survivors, this is U.D.S. Tou’Caan, we’re going to go down and take a look, make sure the base is secure. Can you handle the last of the Choran fighters?”

“U.D.S. Tou’Caan, this is Calm Fighter Twenty Nine, Jor’Pyth and I will take care of the rest, you go ahead. You can take Operator Ank’Hur with you if you like.” The Chittan said laughing, there had been a few private jokes about Ank’Hur shared between the ships over the last couple of weeks. Technically he outranked everyone else and was thus in charge, how-ever his experience was limited and he had a short temper and an almost palpable paranoia of course. He had been in charge of shield operations on Epsilon Beta and wasn’t even then a well liked man. Considered rude even when people went out of their way to make sure he was happy.

“Fighter Twenty Nine, you can keep him, wouldn’t want him to scream and give away our position if we have to sneak up on ay Chorans.” Tic’Flur said laughing too. The other two brothers laughed with merriment along with him, Bar’Yl dipped their ship towards the planet.

The Tou’Caans flew into the atmosphere of the lush habitable planet, there was a fine mist over a jungle at the southern side of the outposts shield network and lush plains of soft purple grasses for mile after mile beyond on the northern side. The Tou’Caans could see three troop transport ships on the plains and a large group of Chorans setting up something not too far away from the shields perimeter.

“Ain’t sure what that is, but I’ll put creds on the bet that it’s not good.” Var’Nach said. “Bar, Drop Tic and I down there, we will attack the troops when you fire at their transporters, you can back us up after.”

“Good Plan.” Bar’Yl said.



Tic’Flur and Var’Nach crawled through the tall grasses of the plains in the gentle heat of a large orange sun. They could hear the harsh chatter of the Chorans only a hundred yards or so away. Tic’Flur tapped his in ear comm device to make it crackle so Bar’Yl would know the time had come. Within moments the two brothers heard the roar of four super charged orgone powered engines as their ship screamed overhead, followed by three decisive explosions.

The two brothers stood and opened fire with their automatic beam rifles, cutting down a dozen Choran soldiers before they had time to react and turn and raise their own weapons. The bothers continued to fire but moved apart from each other at a steady walking pace, ducking in and around the larger clumps of grasses to keep the Chorans from finding a perfect target.

Suddenly how-ever both brothers rose into the air a good ten feet and their weapons stopped firing, though their fingers were pressing the triggers. Through the smoke of the burning transporter crafts came a black robed Choran Commander, recognisable and feared even among the Chittans for being ruthless and eager for blood. But their lives didn’t end instead a Choran voice spoke briefly and though neither of the Chittans, who could both speak the language, caught what he said they guessed as the other Chorans stopped firing.

“You two will do nicely.” The Choran leader said barely containing his happiness.

“You Tou’Caans sir, if you don’t mind getting our name right. Not Two.” Var’Nach said with a wry chuckle. He had never been one to back down from someone just because they were stronger, none of the three brothers had.

“You mean you are Two Can’s or your name is Twocan?” Said the Commander, intrigued by the lack of fear. He reached into the dark realms and snatching energy he created a small effect and snapped the bones of Var’Nach’s right leg. A twisted smile sat on his lips, of course he didn’t need to do it, but it was fun. A Choran Commander usually only gained his post by displaying cruel uses of the magicks that some Chorans had access to. It pleased the beasts that inhabited the dark realms who in turn gave them access to more power.

He watched satisfied as Var’Nach screamed in pain and Tic’Flur responded for him. “Tou’Caan is our family name. But do you know what Tou’Caan,” there was a shot from a beam rifle and the two brothers dropped to the floor as did the Choran Commander, except he had a hole in his head.

“Three’Caan better.” Roared Bar’Yl as he stood and emptied his beam riffles capacitor on the remaining Chorans.

Tic’Flur crawled over to Var’Nach and dragged his injured brother back towards Bar’Yls position holding his rifle with his free arm and firing too. Even Var’Nach through his pain managed to raise his weapon and shout an expletive of his own as he fired at the Choran soldiers. There were still a good score of Chorans, but the ferocity of the brother’s attack and the death of their commanding officer sapped the will from the violent and beastly soldiers, they fell swiftly to the onslaught.

“Sorry, we didn’t account for wind direction; I couldn’t see you guys through the smoke. You ok Var?” Bar’Yl asked, worried for his brother and friend.

“Will be when I get to a med bay.” Var’Nach said through gritted teeth.


The three siblings were hailed as heroes by the Epsilon Survivors and the inhabitants of the Delta Gamma Colony. Captain Tarc’On himself, once he arrived with his fleet, offered to transport the brothers and their ship to Chitta prime. He also said he would personally vouch for them so they could join a fleet training programme.

The brothers were happy; they had achieved their goal of getting into the fleet training course. That was all that they desired, for the time being. Until they got to Chitta Prime they had some time to grieve and to relax after what they all agreed was the most on edge and nerve wracking experience of their lives.


Pheo’Nix smiled as he watched the three brothers sat in a lounge on Captain Tarc’On’s ship discussing their future and nodded as he flitted back into the realms. He had hoped they would make it. now they had other parts of his plan would eventually fall into place. He walked around a corner his Chittan appearance and skin faded into a blue hue and his Chittan fleet uniform became robes of white and golds and he vanished. He had to keep watch on his other charge, a young woman being thrust into power on a secluded island nation on the planet earth.


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