Pheo’Nix and the Cataclysm.






Pheo’Nix and the Cataclysm


Chapter 1:

The world wasn’t how she wanted it to be. Far from it, the New World Order was still a very real threat she had to deal with. But at this moment in time she had another issue, one that perplexed her more than she could even understand. Nathan had been working hard setting up automated mining stations on the various planets and moons in the solar system. They mined deposits of the rare mineral needed to fabricate the high tensile metals that created the sub frames and hulls of the Love Island space capable ships. His test mine had been set up on Cern, it had made sense, there was a small deposit of the ore there, not enough to fully upgrade a shuttle, but enough to test the mining theory. It had proved successful. What had struck Emily was that during Nathans exploration of the small moon he had found an entrance to a tunnel. At the end of that tunnel more importantly, an office frozen by the cold emptiness of space. That office was a security station apparently, according to Nathan and supported by the evidence he had returned with, an antiquated hard drive. It was ancient tech unlike the solid state hard drives Emily had known all her life this one had multiple moving disks inside.

It had taken Nathan the better part of a day to create a programme capable of running and transferring the data from the ancient information storage device. There wasn’t much surviving information, a few documents that logged visitor key cards digitally and a twenty four hour video of something called the ‘Cern complex gate A’. The video itself didn’t show anything particularly impressive to begin with. It started in the depths of a pre-cataclysm clear dark night; stars lit the night sky as beautifully as they did on any other clear night and a low moon created deep shadows across the wilderness around the complex. The light of dawn eventually spread itself across the darkness and somewhere out of view the sun rose. At about eight thirty, according to the timer at the bottom cars began to arrive in their score to fill up the carpark shown on another of the camera screens. At about four thirty there was a blinding flash of light across all four of the screens and then nothing. All in all it pretty much told Emily, Nathan, Onjo, Riley and Thil’Nir all that was known of the start of the cataclysm. The thing that had made all watching gasp happened at three thirty two pm. And Emily wanted answers.

She reached out and pulled energies to herself from the realm of light and created a simple yet strong speech effect directed right back there. “Pheo’Nix, come here now.”

A blue mist formed in the corner of the room, the mist turned into Pheo’Nix. He saw the faces of those in the room before him and paused the jovial statement he was about to make. He would have found it hard to misread the looks of anger on their faces.

Emily pointed at the section of the screen that had been enlarged and filtered several times. It showed the front gate paused at three thirty two on the afternoon of the Twenty first of October twenty twenty one. Pheo’Nix had an expression that told those gathered that he knew more than he had told them in the past. He sighed and began to talk.




Pheo’Nix wasn’t the most popular entity in the realms of the Grey. He never had been, he was a borderline. That meant that he had only just scraped through the alignment test to the realm. In either of the other realms borderline was fine, in the realm of the Grey how-ever, borderline meant you were simply not Grey enough. It had never bothered Pheo’Nix, he would have been just as happy to remain in the physical realm. It was only his power level that had forced him into ascension and that lack of popularity had grown since then.

The main hall of the realm of the Grey was a vast council chamber with several tiers. Those in the middle on the ground level were the lowest in the pecking order or those still tied to the physical plane. Those on the second and third tiers had somewhat more pull and those on the fourth tier, The Council of the Balance were the highest ranking spirits the realm had to offer. As far as Pheo’Nix had been able to gather there were thirteen council members in total, though rarely all present at the same time.

One of the reasons for Pheo’Nix’s lack of popularity was his unwillingness to commit and join the second tier, a position he was easily powerful enough to occupy. It would have had the added advantage of proving to the other planar spirits that he was committed to the goals of the realm. Instead he remained on the main floor and spoke up in council sessions as if he were one of the third tier Greys. Today was no exception, though day in the realms is a relative term, and maybe not an accurate description for an ethereal segment of time.

At this ethereal segment of time the council were discussing an incursion by the realm of darkness on a planet which sat on the tipping point of major realisation. Scientific and spiritual advancements in the last hundred years of the planets population meant that it would likely soon develop magicks and the ability to travel large distances in space, maybe even meet other races. It was the natural cycle of most civilisations unless they destroyed themselves first.

This particular incursion had occurred in a city called New York upon the planet a few years previous when members of a religion called witchcraft decided it was ok to cast negative ritual based magicks that allowed small amounts of energy from the realms to create effects on a person they greatly disliked. They called them curses and whilst the witches believed their grievances were justified, the use of such magicks could only allow energy in from the realms of darkness. Pheo’Nix personally believed that the witches had fair reason to dislike the target of their effect were the claims against him true. But ultimately the realm of darkness had used the effect to allow a spirit to creep through the stream of energy and roam freely upon the planet.

At first it had been just a wisp not noticed or contained by the witch’s primitive attempts to shield the dark store room they had used to cast their spell. The wisp had hovered for a while in a skull on the table and eventually attached itself temporarily to a reporter. That reporter had then covered a war zone for its employer and the wisp had loved it. All the death and horrors that show themselves in armed conflict had fed the wisp and it had soon become more, much, much more. After several years it was a powerful entity with, the realm of Grey believed, a dark plan. They were not sure what the exact plan was, but for the last month the spirit had taken on the form and duties of a scientist it had killed at a massive research centre.

It was Pheo’Nix’s very vocal view that something should be done about it, if the spirit succeeded a whole civilisation could be lost to the darkness. The rest of the councils view was that the humans, as they were known, had brought it upon themselves and it was thus a natural evolution for their society. Of course, it was also their view that nothing should affect the natural progression of a civilisation.

“We must do something, this is not balance, it aids the darkness over the light.” Pheo’Nix said loudly so the whole hall could hear.

“Balance does not necessarily exist on one planet but between them all. Some planets edge towards the light, some towards the darkness.” A third tier councillor said. Pheo’Nix knew him, he too had been a borderline, but one that swung towards the darkness unlike Pheo’Nix who was known for his more light based views. It was his private belief that the spirit was a lackey for the realm of darkness. The realm of the Grey regularly posted spirits in the entry halls of the other two realms to act as representatives. This councillor took the dark realm posting whenever it was available.

“That is a ridiculous argument, if it were a being of the realm of light trying to bring peace to the planet you would have it ejected faster than a laser shot.” Pheo’Nix responded to the being.

“PHEO’NIX, IF YOU CAN NOT BE SILENT LEAVE HERE NOW.” One of the top tier Greys bellowed down at him.

Pheo’Nix left.



Pheo’Nix was lost somewhere between realms. He had never been to the human planet before and as the major population hadn’t yet accessed the realms themselves there were few pathways to follow or focal points to find. But then he saw it, first it was a microscopic dot of energy, a little soul trying to access more than it was capable of doing, like a baby trying to pilot a Chittan Cruiser. Pheo’Nix had found a human in the great galactic vastness between the realms. He had never doubted he would, all sentient life had some connection, be it strong or weak.

Surprisingly the dot grew and for an all too brief moment the energy the human was able to create and effect almost had the power to be something tangible. It was enough for Pheo’Nix though; he knew where he needed to go. He flew with swiftness towards the dot of energy as it began to fade and made the connection just in time to use the human soul’s path to the physical realm of the planet. He stepped into air, he took a deep breath, it was the first time since he had ascended that he had been in the physical realm and he had missed it. The room wasn’t hugely warm and the human, he had used to guide him to the place, lay on a sofa covered with a blanket. Pheo’Nix leaned close and got a good look at the strange pale features with odd ears that stuck out too far and round eyes that Pheo’Nix suddenly realised were looking back at him back.

“Oh excuse me. I just used your light to guide me here. I don’t mean to intrude.” Pheo’Nix said with a merry smile.

The human sat bolt upright and raised his arms causing Pheo’Nix to take a step back. The human took on a look of great concentration as he stared at Pheo’Nix. “Be gone foul daemon!” The human shouted confidently

He couldn’t be sure as it might have been a draft from the slightly opened window outside of which a the soothing sounds of a stream could be heard, but for a brief moment Pheo’Nix thought that maybe the human was trying to create an effect on him. “Are you trying to use magick?” Pheo’Nix asked.

“There is no try, I will contain you daemon. I must not have shielded myself properly.” The man in his mid-thirties responded.

“I don’t know; you seemed pretty centred to me. You probably did shield yourself from the darkness. That’s a good thing, keep it up.” Pheo’Nix said, and then added so that the vain on the man’s forehead didn’t pop from the excursion put into his concentration. “I’m not a daemon, my name is Pheo’Nix. I’m from the realm of the Grey.”

“Is that like some kind of midway house? A purgatory of sorts?” The man asked.

“Yeah ok, if you like.” Pheo’Nix responded with a kindly smile, he thought maybe the human understood himself so was maybe right.

“What race are you?” The man asked as he looked the blue misty form of Pheo’Nix up and down.

“Originally Chittan. Then I ascended to the realms and there race is just not really as important as your alignment is. Where am I?


“Good, I’m glad we have that cleared up. Where am I ON Earth?”

“West Wales.”

“Where’s that?”

“The United Kingdom.”

“And that is?”

The human realised this wasn’t going to be easy and walked across the room to a table on which sat a small device with buttons and a screen. The human pressed a button and the screen lit up. A few moments of button clicking and the moving of a small independent gadget with two buttons and a wheel and there was a map.

“This is where we are.” The human said as he pointed to the western edge of a large island on the side of a much greater landmass.

“Excellent, can you make a copy of this map for me?”

“Erm sure.” The human pressed a few more buttons and a device under the desk started making whirring and buzzing noises.

“Why were you in meditation?”

“I was spreading light and peace energy across the planet.”

“No you weren’t.”

“I was, it is an effect I create often, and it’s all I can do to help at the moment.”

“Your effect doesn’t work.” Pheo’Nix said kindly. He felt the energy in the Human subdue itself. He almost felt sorry for him and decided to give him a compliment. “Your magicks are not completely pathetic, I sensed you after all.”

The human didn’t seem to be cheered by the compliment and handed Pheo’Nix a print off of the map grumpily.

“Ahh Thank you.” Pheo’Nix said looking at the map carefully. It didn’t help him much the printed out image on the A4 sheet of paper didn’t show names of major cities and barely had room for the larger landmasses. He could barely see what the man had said was his current location. “Can you tell me where your science complex is on this planet?”

“Which one?”

“You know the one where you do all of your science.” Pheo’Nix asked perplexed. Chitta prime had a whole city dedicated to scientific research and experimentation. It had been long deemed appropriate to have all the great scientific minds in one place where possible, after all, how else would they easily share ideas and experiments. And of course if anything went wrong, it was easier to contain.

“Most universities have a scientific research department, most major corporations the same. There are one or two internationally staffed scientific research stations too I suppose.”

“Do any of them run experiments that could destroy your world?”

“Depends on whether or not you’re into conspiracy theories.”

That was another thing Pheo’Nix had to dig into his mind for, he knew the term, but it wasn’t really something that had ever cropped up on Chitta Prime due to the openness of the Chittan High Command. “I am.” He decided for the sake of expediency.

“You’ll be likely wanting the Cern reactor then.”


“It’s called a large hadron collider; it has the capability to create a black hole if you’re into that sort of thing. It is said that only strange people who wear aluminium foil hats believe that type of nonsense though.”

“Nothing wrong with a good aluminium hat; stops all sorts of signals getting into your head.” Pheo’Nix said before adding. “And where would I find this Cern Reactor?”

“Switzerland.” The man said pointing his little finger at an area of the map on the closest continent.

Pheo’Nix nodded and smiled and blinked. He blinked again, and then several more times before the man spoke up. “Are you ok?”

“I’m trying unsuccessfully to teleport to the Switzerland.” He responded.

“No energy?”

Pheo’Nix nodded somewhat impressed with the man’s understanding. “Sort of, it’s more that something has dampened the energy of your planet and has been doing so for quite some time, it will change soon at your species’ rate of development. Also, though I’d expect it to be weakened in such a circumstance, I should be able to at least access some of the energy of my realm.”

“I can lend you my energy sources. Probably safer than anything you have in purgatory anyway.”

“I doubt that they will suffice to my needs.”

“Best I can do unless you have money for diesel so I can drive you there. Ohh and you’ll need a passport.”


“Allows you to pass between the borders of different countries.”

“Countries?” Pheo’Nix asked. There were a lot of terms being used he had never heard of and he was in a rush.

“They divide humans into individual races with their own languages and cultures to enjoy and observe. They also give some of the richer people an excuse to take advantage of countries with differing laws and standards. Sadly, racial segregation and inequality are still things the people of our world struggle with. They have not yet come to understand that no matter our skin tone or religion we are still all human and should be equal.”

“What an interesting concepts. Chittans never worried about such things.” Pheo’Nix ran his hands along the edges of the man’s aura searching his mind and energy field for the energy he said he could lend. He was surprised to find that in principle the man had quite an advanced capability. He had created his own energy focal points on the planet and although weak they were fully developed and ready to be accessed. There were thirteen sets of thirteen; obviously the man liked the number. Pheo’Nix thought for a moment. He knew he was finding access to the energy field of the realm of Grey difficult because the elders of the realm were making it so. Maybe this human had access to enough energy from the realm of light for Pheo’Nix to be able to tap into.

The teleportation of a body, or energy spirit was not an easy task, it required more energy than this man had access to, yet maybe there was enough to create some of this diesel thing.

“Show me your vehicle.”

The man put on socks and shoes, walked through the living room to the kitchen and opened a white plasticised door that led to a small parking area outside his house. Pheo’Nix walked over to the first thing in the parking area and smiled with a nod.

“Where does the Pilot sit?” He said gesturing at the box.

“That’s my mobile bar. My van is on the other side.” The man said before leading Pheo’Nix around the bar to the black van on the other side.

“Ohh I see. Ahh, very obvious pilot chair too. Where are its fuel cells?”

“We use fossil fuel. Made from hydro carbons.”

“Oh, primitive.”

“I can’t afford a battery powered vehicle, though one day I hope to get one.”

Pheo’Nix accessed the man’s vortexes of energy and weaved them together. He could feel the fuel container now he knew what he was looking for. He created an effect to fill the tank up to the maximum. “It is full, will it get us there?”

“At least half way on a full tank, you may have to do it again.” The man said seemingly unsurprised by the statement.

“Not too soon I hope, that took a lot of energy indeed. Can we go now?”


“I won’t need one.” He replied. He was really glad that the human was taking this so well.



They had driven for the better part of eight hours before they had reached a large train the human said would take them under the sea to the continent. Pheo’Nix had slept most of the way, it was the first time in at least a century, but this planet drained him and made him feel less energetic.

The human had been mildly surprised when neither a ticket was asked for upon driving onto the train nor any attention paid to the vehicle when the customs officer walked by. Only mildly, he had guessed Pheo’Nix had something to do with it and he was never one for being completely put out.

It was midnight by the time the van pulled off of the strange train and onto the roads of what the Human told Pheo’Nix was France. Shortly after the man had pulled over into a layby and walked around to the back of the van. He climbed in folded down a crudely made wooden bed from the vans wall and promptly fell asleep.

He had slept for three hours before waking and stretching as best he could in the low topped Vauxhall Vivaro.

“Sleep well?” Pheo’Nix asked, he knew he had, he’d used the man’s energy centres to ensure such.

“Surprisingly, I feel like I’ve spent a full night and day sleeping. I haven’t have I?”

“No, it’s only been about three hours or so.” Pheo’Nix said who had also spent some time using the man’s communication device to access the world’s internet to learn more of their destination.

“Your doing?”


“Thank you.” The man said as he climbed back behind the wheel and started the engine again. The tank was full once more and he gave a satisfied nod. The man picked up his phone and set the mapping device. “It will take us about eight hours to reach Geneva. Probably another couple to find the Cern research centre. We should be there by around two pm.” He added as he pulled out of the layby and began to head down the long motorway.

“You’re a good human. Do you have a name too?”

“Surprisingly I do yes.”

“May I know it?”

“It depends on whether or not you’re going to use it to cause me ill. I’m still not sure I’m happy aiding a creature of purgatory, no matter how silver tongued you are.”

“I give you my word I will only ever remember it with fondness. I do rather like your style, is it your job not to be shocked?”

“I am Nehpets and you could say I have to be somewhat unflappable on occasion. I run a sound system hire company, Darling Sound Co, like it says on the side of the van. Though my lack of shock about you being here comes more from my long standing desire to meet an alien. Shame you don’t have a ship, I would love to see space.”

Pheo’Nix laughed merrily. He really did like this human. Suddenly Pheo’Nix was aware of a new entity forming between the human and himself in the space occupied by the mini seat, a device the human had explained was for small children to sit in. “Stop!” Pheo’Nix shouted, causing the human to push hard on the brakes. “No not you, him.” Pheo’Nix gestured to a white mist that was forming in the child seat.

“You’re ok; I am not here to return you to the realms.” The mist said to Pheo’Nix.

Nehpets shook his head and began to accelerate again.

“Why are you here?” Pheo’Nix asked

“Why are you here?” The mist replied.

“I’m here to save the planet.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m bloody sure. Why is a spirit of the realm of light here pestering me about it?”

“To aid you it seems. I cannot stay long. I have been asked by the Elders of the realm of light to give you access. If I were you I would count yourself lucky, I was against the idea. They never listen to me though, it’s always just Furin do this or Furin do that.”

“It is not my alignment.”

“You say that but you’ve been using this man’s energy since yesterday. It is of the light.”

Pheo’Nix gave the man an approving look. “I thought there was something odd about its strength. I was surprised I was able to use it in the first place, though I’m not one to look a gift animal in the mouth.”

“You’ve been banished from the realm of the Grey; I assume you’ve had difficulties accessing energy from there?” Furin said.

“Have I ever!”

“Then use this humans conduit to aid you, it has enough of a connection for the realm of light to assist you. I must go now before the Greys realise I am here. They have ordered an enforceable no interference clause for this planet.”

“But they are letting the darkness interfere.”

“Why do you think we came? Keep the human close, he is your aid.”

“Do I get a say?” Nehpets asked politely.

“No.” Both entities said at once.

The man turned on the stereo as the white mist dissipated and ignored Pheo’Nix for a while before turning to him. “I am going to die in your game aren’t I?” He didn’t seem upset or shocked, just resigned to the fact he had signed up for more than he was expecting.

“You’ll die someday, it won’t be today.” Pheo’Nix promised.

“Fair enough then. Was that an Angel from heaven too?”

“Probably if I’m from purgatory.”

“Wow, wish he’d have stuck around longer, I have all sorts of questions.”

“Get used to it, you’ll find I’m a rare exception, most energy spirits flit in and out like they own a place and start bossing people around then vanish before anyone can ask questions.”

The man looked at Pheo’Nix incredulously, “Right, and you would never do that.” He said letting a chuckle out. “Still, I’ve been recognised by those in heaven, it’s nice to know.”

“If you like.”



Nehpets had not been wrong about the length of time it would take to get to Geneva, though he had misjudged the time it would take to get through Geneva and onto the road that led to the main entrance of the Cern Research facility. It was nearly three thirty by the time they were near the main gate. They parked in the visitor carpark and proceeded together on foot towards the main entrance of the complex.

They walked up to the small security checkpoint cabin and waited by the small opening window for the old stern looking security guard to lift himself from his seat monitoring cameras to the little ledge by the window.

“Yes?” He asked in a language Nehpets couldn’t speak.

“May we come in?” Pheo’Nix asked in the same language.

“If you’re on the list you can.”

“Where’s the list?”

The old security guard pointed to a computer device, “there.”

“We’re on it.” Pheo’Nix said. Nehpets felt a palpable surge of energy and the security guard nodded. Pheo’Nix smiled and walked through the turn style that allowed people on foot to go further.

“He didn’t seem worried about your appearance.” Nehpets noted.

“That’s because he saw a normal human. Anyone who is watching will.” Pheo’Nix replied with a smile.

“Even through the cameras?”

“Especially through the cameras. Those things record though, so it will likely show if he re-watches.”

“What are we actually doing here?”

“Hopefully we will be interfering with the work of a ‘man’ called Dr Seamus Billingham. We need to in order to stop him from bringing about the end of your world.”

“We’re stopping the end of days, as in the end of all time?”

“No, just your worlds, the many other worlds and civilisations should be mostly unaffected. They won’t even know you’re all goners.”

“Why would someone want to end the world? Is it just an accident waiting to happen? Or does he intend to do it on purpose?”

“Ahh my dear human, all sentient species have several moments as they progress scientifically where there are just world ending accidents waiting to happen. A planet by the name of Merturp is a great example. Or it was at least. They destroyed themselves by trying to harness the resources of asteroids. The initial test was a failure, they accidently knocked one off course and it collided into their planet a year later. No, this Doctor is not who he was. He has been possessed by a being of the realm of darkness. The daemon as you would call it that now takes his form wants to release the dark masses of energy for the realm of darkness that you get when a race is slowly destroyed.”

“That’s harsh.”

“Not to him, your planet is populous, what do you think would happen if everyone found out that tomorrow was the last day they would ever see.”

“I’d like to say they would spend a day saying goodbye to the ones they love and having a little end of the world party to make sure the Jack Daniels doesn’t go to waste.”

“And what would really happen?”

“Most likely the Russians and Americans would argue about who started it and start a very brief nuclear war. There would be rioting, looting and murder on the streets of most cities and towns and those not involved would sit around wailing and panicking. It would all be reported very efficiently and effectively by the press, who would focus mainly on the negative to hype the fear, and their ratings.”

“All nuclear wars are brief, trust me, the Chittans have recorded several over time. But you are right; your civilisation isn’t quite at the point where your hopes would be accurate. The negative would be what is focused on, and that would feed the realm of darkness.”

They got to the main entrance lobby of a big angular building, it was apparent; even to Nehpets that there was something amiss. People stood frozen on the spot, coffee cups resting on lips, people lying sideways on the floor where gravity had taken them after freezing mid step. There was a larger concentration by the door to the reception area than there was elsewhere in the room and for a moment Pheo’Nix felt the human access his energy to push himself past the effect trying to press itself against him.

“That effect worked.” He said impressed.

“I noticed, I can still move. Your friend from hell?”

“If you like.”

“Shall we then?” The human said gesturing towards the reception desk. “Maybe that computer has a rota or schedule for lab use on it that we can access.”

“It’s this way I can feel it, about three hundred lengths of your van.”

Nehpets followed Pheo’Nix without hesitation. He didn’t know an awful lot about the ways of magick; he’d have been the first to admit it. Though he was a little disappointed that he didn’t know anywhere near as much as he had thought he did until the day previous. He did know how-ever that the alien cross spirit in front of him was knowledgeable to a greater extent in the ways than he would likely ever be. He had no difficulties following the aliens feelings. He thought about joking about setting up a new religion with Pheo’Nix as the figure head then decided that the alien might actually like the idea so stayed silent as they walked through corridors, across an open plot of grass until they eventually reached a small unobtrusive building set between several others.

If Nehpets had to guess he would have thought the building could be little more than a small storage warehouse. Still Pheo’Nix walked boldly to the main door and stepped through. Nehpets followed then promptly turned and threw up.

“Found something you’re not so unflappable about. A bit of blood.” Pheo’Nix said with what would have been a merry chuckle were it not obviously put on to make the human feel comfortable.

“Not funny.” Nehpets said as he chocked the last of the bile out. He turned again, steeling himself for the horror this time. There were several people; he wasn’t sure how many to be exact as they were in various pieces. They looked as if they had been torn slowly apart, their limbs in some cases still attached by small tendrils of skin. There was blood enough to fill a moderate bath covering the floor and a stench that suggested that it had been this way for a few days. Like the other building there was a larger concentration by the door. Some of the bodies didn’t look as tarnished as the others suggesting they were more recent.

Pheo’Nix felt the man pick at the threads of his energy. “Don’t bother, this wasn’t an effect, this was our target killing manually.”

The room shook violently, so violently that the bodies and various parts strewn across the floor slid in the pools of gore. Nehpets turned. “That’s outside too; it’s not just this room.”

“Then it has started, we must be quick.” Pheo’Nix said as he stepped over bodies and limbs. He made his way swiftly to the back of the room to a door with a glass panel covered by newspaper on the other side.

They stepped through, Pheo’Nix first.

“You’re too late.” A soft growling voice half cackled from somewhere in the blackness beyond what looked to Nehpets to be a pile of junk with fairy lights in the middle. “They have started the reactor for their experiments and my device has connected.”

As if to highlight the point the ground shook again, more violently this time. Nehpets fell to the floor with the force of the vibrations. “Stay there.” Pheo’Nix said to him before walking forwards. “Come forward entity of the dark realm. It is time to meet your end.”

The possessed doctor did. Nehpets saw a human first but soon realised it was actually a dark spirit with long black tendrils reaching from it. There was a human scientist attached to the front its skin baggy and drooping. Pheo’Nix pulled something from his pocket; Nehpets thought it may have been a crystal or a rock. It lit with energy into a sword as grey as steel but as soon as it was fully formed it fizzed and winked out. The spirit of darkness laughed raucously and fired several tendrils at Pheo’Nix lashing at him as if they were whips. They struck true and hard, Pheo’Nix roared with the pain of a hundred men, though not surprising with the onslaught.

“You cannot stop me from making my sacrifice to the lord of the house of pain. I will be his successor.” The dark spirit said.

Nehpets stood, he didn’t have a weapon to wield and had sworn a vow of non-violence, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t handle himself, indeed, quite the opposite. He rushed forwards and began to kick at some of the tendrils flailing at Pheo’Nix, surprising himself with his own bravery. This was for his world and he was determined. He activated his energy centres and filled himself with raw energy from what he now knew was called the realm of light. His own skin bristled with a film of white light and the tendrils he hit blistered and burned. This time the one to roar was the spirit of darkness. Surprised and hurt by the human it changed its focus and began to close in on Nehpets. He had expected as much and now he started to back off and poured his energy into Pheo’Nix instead.

Pheo’Nix didn’t hesitate to take it either, he had not forgotten that Nehpets was his conduit and pushed all the energy he was given into his energy control crystal. It lit with a bright white light and Pheo’Nix jumped at the creature as it lashed at Nehpets with its full force slamming him into the wall. He swung repeatedly with his energy blade scything his way to the middle of the large mass of tendrils. He struck a blow to the main body so powerful there was a thud as the air around the sword filled the void it had just occupied. The creature split into two but began to evaporate even before it had finished falling to the floor.

Pheo’Nix walked over to Nehpets who lay groaning and clutching his arm which along with his leg was bent at an unseemly angle. “Are you ok?” He asked.

Nehpets looked at him incredulously through pain blurred eyes. Pheo’Nix nodded he had some energy from the realm of light left in him, he created a small healing effect, he had almost forgotten that physical’s had skeletal frames, this ones was probably injured. He pushed the effect into Nehpets who instantly began to groan as his bones retook their usual shape. Shortly the groans stopped and a shaky, but healed human rose from the floor. “Can we stop that machine?” He asked.

Pheo’Nix looked at it properly for the first time. “I’m not even sure what it is.” He said, the ground was shaking continuously now and evacuation alarms were ringing all over the site. The ground convulsed more violently almost throwing the pair from their feet.

“I’m not sure this building is going to last much longer, we should evacuate.” Nehpets said.

“Normally I’d agree with you but if we don’t stop this your world will be destroyed.”

The human nodded and pulled his phone from his pocket. He checked the news site he used most regularly quickly. Pheo’Nix wasn’t wrong, there was a braking report covering the screen claiming massive worldwide quakes and volcanic eruptions.

Pheo’Nix sat cross legged on the floor and began to gather energies much as he had when he was training, he used the conduit Nehpets had created and drew more and more to him until his energy field glowed bright with the input. Suddenly Pheo’Nix felt a shift and the realm of light opened itself up to him without the aid of the humans weak link and even more energy flowed into the planar spirit. “What does your planet think about extra moons?” he said his eyes still closed.

“They seem to like the one we have already, so I’d say they’d be over the moon.” Nehpets laughed at his own poor joke, Pheo’Nix was concentrating too hard to notice.

“It won’t completely solve the issue, whatever that creature did is far too wide spread to contain, but I can stop it from completely destroying your planet.”

“Then stop talking about it and do it.”

Pheo’Nix pushed some of the energy into an effect, clearing the area he was going to manipulate of life forms, except the human close to him. The second effect was created several miles below the surface in the area this machine had caused its harm and suddenly Nehpets felt the sensation of weightlessness. And the grounds violent shaking stopped as did the strange device. “Don’t worry I’ve sealed the air in the building and increased its structural integrity.”

Nehpets thought for a moment, but only a moment before the realisation dawned. “Have you actually put us in space?”

“Along with a few square miles of your planet yes.”

“I knew I was going to die today. At least I’ll get a good luck of my planet before I go.”

“I’m afraid not, I went straight up, this area is facing away from the planet.”

“You know sometimes I think you’re very frustrating.”

“I get that a lot.” Pheo’Nix said as he prepared for his second round of effects. He knew he had to stabilise the earth’s crust some otherwise it would still crumble apart, but he had time to do that and allies he could call upon to aid him in the physical plain of they still lived. He transported himself and Nehpets into space overlooking the planet in a bubble of air for the human to breath. “Happy?”

The human’s eyes bulged so wide that for a moment Pheo’Nix thought he had forgotten to bring the air after all, but a slow smile spread across the face of the man that had aided him over the last few days and a tear dribbled down his check. “It’s so beautiful.”

“It’s just a view of a planet from space.” Pheo’Nix created another effect and suddenly the pair were in the now warm living room of the man’s house. Though it was almost unrecognisable, everything that had been on a raised surface had been thrown to the floor, mostly accompanied by their surfaces. There were cracks in the walls and several of the windows and the earth beneath the house shook with regular beats. “I’m sorry I couldn’t do a better job for your planet, but I will return with others to stabilise it properly soon.

“We are an adaptable species; maybe this will bring us together and bring an end to my planets wars.” The human said before giving Pheo’Nix a massive hug.

“It was a pleasure meeting you Nehpets, I will remember you.” Pheo’Nix said before adding. “Your van is outside; I’ve made some permanent adaptions for you. It’s a bit against the rules so don’t go showing off to anyone.” Pheo’Nix smiled and flitted from the room.



Emily looked at Pheo’Nix though to be fair she hadn’t stopped looking at him in the last hour. “You created the Cern Moon?”

“Yup. Hope you’re satisfied. If you have any questions?” He asked. Emily looked like she did so Pheo’Nix smiled widely at her and vanished.

“I don’t believe the gall of that spirit!” Riley thundered. Though the air of the room was jovial, they had just learned and recorded a major part of Earth’s history from a time where there was little surviving information.

Emily stood and walked to the window and looked out over the island with a smile. The man Pheo’Nix had met was right; humanity did come together for a short time after the end of the cataclysm. It had only been briefly but it had been enough to set the planet on course to what the Love Islands now had. And it would soon once again have that accord and sense of community between its races, no matter their creed or colour. Soon the people on earth would work together as brothers and sisters once more for the betterment and progress of mankind. Soon, the New World Order would find their final battle lost in the war it had started….. She hoped.



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