I’ve been playing around with good reads, I’ve just uploaded the Tou’Caan short story to their site too! Please feel free to go, rate and comment!

The Front Cover!

To be honest I intended to put this up a few weeks ago but got wrapped up in the social media side of promotions. But here ye go:

New Front Page Look!

I’d like to say a great big thankyou to Nicolas Leslie for taking the time and putting in the effort to give the front page of my site a sleek new look. Thank you Sir!

The Editors Like It!

So its been a busy few weeks. The Editors have been working very hard. They have been enjoying my book too! They said it has a fantastic story line. I do love it when people enjoy my work.

Tou’Caan Now!

Hey all. The first couple of chapters of the Tou’Caan short story are now available to read. Just click the link here. Hope you enjoy!

Three Can Better.

So my short story: Tou’Caan – A Chittan Tale has come back from my kind friend Lazarus Carpenter. He proof read it for me and I’ve made the appropriate edits. That means soon you’ll be able to read the first couple of Chapters here on my website, keep your eyes peeled!