New Short Story Coming Soon!

Keep an eye out for Pheo’Nix and the Cataclysm Part Two. Coming soon this short story picks up from the first instalment available  here



Pheo’Nix didn’t so much get reports from his subordinates in the realm of light, but knowledge did come his way often. Now as he sat in comfort at a table in the Library of the Realm of Light he smiled having just learned of the defeat of the New World Orders supreme leader. He knew Emily was injured and he would go and help her heal. He smiled happily and broadly as he listened to the whispers spread. There was a lot of focus on humanity and their fight against the darkness and he felt joy in the realms air. He remembered the times he spent with Nehpets on Earth when his planet was in turmoil and his efforts to help the world he loved so much. His mind drifted back to the second of the many times he met the human and lazed there fondly in the moment.


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