Meet The Author

Stephen Greenhalgh is not your typical author. Indeed, he doesn’t really count himself as an author at all. If you ask him why he writes he will tell you, ‘I just love to tell a good story’. Then he will add, ‘maybe one day I will.’ We love his work and think he already weaves a great tale!

He started writing shortly after his brother died in Afghanistan in 2010 and after a break of a couple of years with no writing at all sunk into his passion as if chased by a daemon…. There are a lot of things we don’t understand about the universe, so maybe he was.

To date Stephen has completed two books in the Love Island Two series and is halfway through a third. After many attempts to find a Publisher he has finally succeeded in doing so. Now he is working with a highly reputable American publishing company for the publication of his first book L.I. Two Beginnings. You can show your support for his science fiction series by liking his Facebook page:


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