Todays the day!

It took a lot of effort not to finish the title with (the teddy bears have their picnic!) Now that will be happily running through my head all day whilst I’m trying to concentrate. I need to concentrate because its ‘Book Two Day’ (as I’ve been referring to it in my head for the last couple of week.)

To coincide with the run up to Love Island Two – Liberation I’ve been releasing some pics from the Love Island Two database, which is something I’m hoping to get a version of on this website soon. It will include schematics and maps and possibly even a rules section for those wishing to use my story line for RPG’s.


*Cough Cough*

I know I said a couple of weeks, but its been a month. Still Tou’Caan Part Two is now available to read in the Free Short Stories tab.

I’d say I’m sorry about the delay, but there’s been a reason I will share with you all in just a little while. Stay tuned!