It’s sunny outside.

Wow! The actual feel of my own book is wonderful. My publisher sent me a box full to help promote with.

When I tried to self publish the book I hadn’t had it edited, I didn’t know enough about the industry.

My self published cover was awful too. I actually made it on my computer. I did have a couple of people stare at me oddly after their compliments on my digital art in its early stages. The odd looks were because I had to explain that I couldn’t use those complex programmes. In fact, when it comes to drawing in any form I generally fail. I had used lego creator which I had downloaded for my son. I used the programme to build the scene and then I used ms paint to shade over the obvious brick looking parts.

Seeing the cover of my professionally published work in a form other than digital made me run around like an excited man in Ann Summers. (that may, or may not be taken from personal experience.) I especially loved the artwork Words Matter Publishing commissioned for me.

Today, for the first time, after a few very busy weeks with my business I managed to start sending emails to people who enjoy reviewing other peoples books. Now I’m nervously awaiting responses, I liked my story, that’s why I took the leap to see if others would too. And I’m not one for apprehension or overly large amounts of self doubt, but hell ain’t I half biting my nails.

I hope you are all making the most out of this unseasonably good weather we’re having in the UK. Be Well