The Writing Odyssey.

The journey continues! I have now completed the first draft of the fourth book in the Love Island Two Series. I’m happy to announce that work will begin on Book Five in the not too distant future.

Todays the day!

It took a lot of effort not to finish the title with (the teddy bears have their picnic!) Now that will be happily running through my head all day whilst I’m trying to concentrate. I need to concentrate because its ‘Book Two Day’ (as I’ve been referring to it in my head for the last couple of week.)

To coincide with the run up to Love Island Two – Liberation I’ve been releasing some pics from the Love Island Two database, which is something I’m hoping to get a version of on this website soon. It will include schematics and maps and possibly even a rules section for those wishing to use my story line for RPG’s.


*Cough Cough*

I know I said a couple of weeks, but its been a month. Still Tou’Caan Part Two is now available to read in the Free Short Stories tab.

I’d say I’m sorry about the delay, but there’s been a reason I will share with you all in just a little while. Stay tuned!

The next Short Story!

I know, I know. I said check back over the next couple of weeks and then you don’t hear from me here for nearly two months. I’m awful, I accept that. You see, I get hooked on typing and editing and I forget that I want you guys to read things too!

So, instead of one short story you can have two!

AND instead of having to wait for ages for me to put it up, you can have the first one (Pheo’Nix and the Cataclysm.) by Wednesday evening at the latest!

The Second (Tou’Caan Part two.) will be up in the next couple of weeks.

It is highly recommended that you read Love Island Two – Beginnings (L.I.Two – Beginnings.) Before you read the next two short stories.

Best Wishes,
Stephen Greenhalgh.

New Short Story.


A new short story that tells of the cataclysm and who was involved.

Check back regularly over the next couple of weeks for a confirmed release date and information on Love Island Two – Liberation (Book Two)

I hope you all have a fantastic day full of Love, Light and Happiness.

It’s sunny outside.

Wow! The actual feel of my own book is wonderful. My publisher sent me a box full to help promote with.

When I tried to self publish the book I hadn’t had it edited, I didn’t know enough about the industry.

My self published cover was awful too. I actually made it on my computer. I did have a couple of people stare at me oddly after their compliments on my digital art in its early stages. The odd looks were because I had to explain that I couldn’t use those complex programmes. In fact, when it comes to drawing in any form I generally fail. I had used lego creator which I had downloaded for my son. I used the programme to build the scene and then I used ms paint to shade over the obvious brick looking parts.

Seeing the cover of my professionally published work in a form other than digital made me run around like an excited man in Ann Summers. (that may, or may not be taken from personal experience.) I especially loved the artwork Words Matter Publishing commissioned for me.

Today, for the first time, after a few very busy weeks with my business I managed to start sending emails to people who enjoy reviewing other peoples books. Now I’m nervously awaiting responses, I liked my story, that’s why I took the leap to see if others would too. And I’m not one for apprehension or overly large amounts of self doubt, but hell ain’t I half biting my nails.

I hope you are all making the most out of this unseasonably good weather we’re having in the UK. Be Well


I’ve been playing around with good reads, I’ve just uploaded the Tou’Caan short story to their site too! Please feel free to go, rate and comment!